Bananas and Bruises

I was recently scolded by someone for not keeping a steady posting on my blog. My tongue bleed as I bit back the words I wanted to say. Do you even know how bananas our home is? Who has time to write anymore? But instead I smiled and replied with something to the effect of Charlie Brown speech.

I’ve been making a concerted effort to describe things as bananas because crazy has become an unkind word. Let me tell you. I think we bought a tree or two.

Today my daughter and I ran to get our nails done. We did a few weeks ago and we were ready for a fill, plus I was sick of the blue nails I had chosen for myself. Everyone that works in the salon is masked, plus speaking through the plexiglass. Talk about a stressful experience! I heard someone mention coffin nails and became suddenly fearful of what I had agreed to. I feel like there should be closed captioning in those situations… just a little run of LED lights making sure we are all clear. It was a very anxious experience . Not to mention the nail lady that stood over the poor woman doing my nails. At one point she yanked my hand to show the lady how to file… um hello connected to my body here. My daughter was done and ended up waiting an additional hour on me. We watched several people come and go. This quick jaunt took 3 hours. And in the end. I had to refile them because with these babies I might poke an eye out… or is that in?

So that was fun. So are the bruises from soccer games that I’m probably much too unfit for but I keep going back for the emotional trauma, I mean release it gives me. I’m probably better suited for competition air hockey. But there’s something about the constant pain that keeps me coming back.

Then again, it could be because of my other agility training. . Like how I fell out of my office chair last week trying to scoot towards my bookshelf to get a book off the shelf to read to one of the kids I was working with and my whole chair flipped over at my feet ended up straight in the air. She thought it was hysterical. I wasn’t even surprised because that’s just how my life rolls. Or when I was putting together a new side table, in my spare 30 minutes… and I flipped it onto my already soccer ruined toe.

Funny thing… no one worried about loud noises around here. Or bruises. We all have so many of them. Thank goodness no one has reached out to protective services because they would only be shown first hand the joyful insanity that we call life here.

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