I tired so hard…

I think I might be tired. Or deaf. Or a combination of a few of those things with a sprinkle of who knows what. I’m sitting here typing my after work notes, sitting in my brand new recliner loving the comfort. Gas fireplace running, dogs all fighting for space on the two beds they have – for three dogs. And something catches my eye. The corner of the fireplace, it’s broken. Somehow it has gotten smashed in at the very bottom and I can see the flickering light. As I sit in the chair I run through my various options… Do I scream fire and run out of the house? Is that the gas going to leak out an silently kill us? Do I call for my husband? I sit there staring for a while, and ultimately decide I’ll deal with it later. Later comes, I turn off the fire place and bend down to look at the damage. I’m sure it’s going to be an extensive cost to repair. Just what we need after the holidays.

It’s a ribbon. A shiny, red leftover piece of holiday packaging ribbon. Thank goodness I didn’t extend the energy to flip out. The fatigue is strong, despite sleeping until 10am for the last two days. Thank you snow storm! My friend things I need a good nights sleep, or a vacation. I’ll take a ocean front view any day.

Then there was yesterday. I was late, per usual, getting upstairs to get set up for my day. It didn’t help that the kids have a snow day so I was distracted by some 8 year old cuteness in the kitchen. I grabbed my laptop, my snacks, my case of diet coke… not for the day, diet coke for the fridge up there. Don’t judge me :). At any rate, I get upstairs juggling all these items, winded from the hurried run up to the third floor. I’m dropping random items I didn’t even realize I had, while trying to simultaneously plug in the lap top, attached to the monitors, put soda in the fridge. I’m like seriously heart beating at an increased rate, slightly winded. I finally sit down, ah. Get my screens ready. Then my phone bings with a message from my husband. “Ice water in the loft”.

Why I felt the need to respond with a question mark I don’t know. But I quickly jump from my chair, take the two steps to the bathroom and grab the bucket that has been up there for close to a year now… not even sure why its there and why no one has taken it back to the garage. At any rate I grab the bucket and the towels and scuttle down the stairs. I’m expecting a huge icy leak. I see nothing. I call for help, “where is it” thinking my husband must have run to the garage for supplies to save our home from water damage.

“Didn’t you want a drink”, comes from the downstairs office. I’m thinking drink, who needs a drink right now there is an ice emergency.

“I thought you wanted ice water… you know… you drink it” comes a text to my phone
“I thought you were telling me there was a problem” I reply
He responds with the emogi with the man shrugging.
“I came down with a bucket and towels”, I reply.
“ummmmm…. ok”
“Ice water in the loft, ice storm outside, not a hard leap”
“But you were just trying to get yourself a drink of water before you went upstairs”.
“Oh. Good point.”
I found my water mug and went back upstairs to start my sessions.

So, do you think I’m tired? Either way. I’m grateful for those in my life that keep me grounded. Keep me hydrated and help me keep my sanity. Otherwise, I’d be running around and calling the fire department way too often.

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