Fine, don’t talk to me.

Makes me think of that old little thing that my kids used to sing “stop don’t talk to me you major loser want to be“ where they would do that WM and L letters on their forehead with their fingers. I wondered this morning if there was a particular reason why people weren’t speaking to me as I walked my youngest to school. Had I said some thing wrong on the neighborhood Facebook page,? We do have several… one is censored one is uncensored; so you never quite know where you can speak freely and where you have to mind your p’s, and q’s, and dog poos. But it just seems very strange because normally people say hello and good morning and wave. But nothing today. Just nothing. So I kisses my little one to bye at the crosswalk and headed my way home on my newly started “walking path“ … to try to induce a higher heart rate on a daily basis. One through exercise not through emotional outbursts to be clear. As I’m walking down the path sitting in my feelings for why it would be that no one would speak to me I happened to notice my shirt. See picture below

I mean you can say hi

This is not been the week for me to get dressed. On Monday I had a session that ran over so I came flying down the stairs hollering for my son to lock up the dogs and put on his shoes so we could race out the door to get to my soccer game. I had to dump in entire basket of laundry onto my bed just to search for the accoutrements needed to buckle this mama up and have her ready to play. I grabbed an extra shirt for my friend and we were on our way. We arrived only a few minutes late. I had managed to put my shoes on and shinguards on at the stop lights while in the car so I was good to go. Just don’t tell any police officers I was doing this because I’m not sure it was legal. Better yet don’t tell my husband but we made it, I played, at one point I got off the field and said I felt out of sorts. Then I happened to notice… my shorts were inside out. My compression shorts? Inside out AND backwards.

And then last weekend I went out with a chip bag clip used to make a ponytail and pants and shoes that could have doubled as a clown outfit.

Where’s the hair tie?

In case anyone’s wondering how I’m doing? See above. But given all the other things going on in this world, I’ll take the off putting backwards clothing and keep my sanity.

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