Love You, Love It. Mean It ?

Ever met someone who loves everything and everyone? “Oh my goodness I love your kid, they are so sweet”. Or “I love your new hair cut”. Really? Like love love or like love? Cause we might have to talk about you and my kid.

For some people it’s their level of enthusiasm, their energy. It’s not insincere, it’s just they feel with so much power they love a lot. Like the three year old who runs up to his buddy at day care and says “I love your face!” For others, the word is synonymous with cool, like, enjoy, more than tolerable. And then there are those who only say it if they feel it deep in their bones. These are the stoic, seemingly level headed folks who won’t let anyone in. But are they not letting you in because they can’t? Or won’t?

My youngest tells me constantly, and I mean like sometimes every 3 minutes that he loves me. “Mama? I love you” “Love you Mom” “Love you more Mama”. I counted the other day, from the time I came down from work till we said our last goodnight… 25 I love yous. I guess some would find it annoying. Others would say if you say it that much then somethings not right. But honestly, I can’t hear it enough. Not from someone that I love with every fiber of my being. And who knows how much longer this will last? What if he decides at some point that he doesn’t need to say it anymore?

I also really love the sporadic, unexpected “I love you”s. Like from an older kid who doesn’t say it much – cause then you know it’s legit. Or the friend who just sends a random message to tell you. Or the partner who leaves a hidden note. When the message fits the person, it’s music to my heart.

I listen to people who have been hurt by love. I talk to people clinging to the single thread of it. I hear those who realize too late. I see those that stop for pride. And I bask in the joy of those who feel it, share it, and unabashedly spread it. Especially as of late when some are quick to anger and long to forgive.

Maybe if we all quieted our minds and listened to our hearts a bit more we might be able to say it and feel it. You can love my new hair. You can love my face. You can tell me once or a million times. Just don’t stop yourself from saying it when you feel it. Because saying it gives you and the other person joy. And what’s better than a joyful heart?

Forgive quickly. Love hard. And never let anyone say what you feel is wrong. Stay true to your heart. It will help keep your sanity.

Oh, and call that person and tell them. They need to hear it and so do you.

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