I Got This… HELP!

Call me old fashioned but I love pictures. Not the 4,600 we have saved to the cloud, or on our phones but the tangible, frameable, album worthy photos. So the upcoming family photo shoot has me happily anxious. And sincerely exploring wardrobe options… we have to look nice right?

Well my eldest might beg to differ on my need to be involved in the outfit selections. Because she ended up asking me “why do we even let you have a phone”? You see it started innocently enough with the photographer sending us a like to suggestions for coordinating outfits. Well, then I couldn’t get the password to work so I had to ask again. Finally handing the whole dang blasted phone over to my 20 year old to choose our style. She did a fantastic job, we are going to look awesome. Well, we would have had I not hit the back button and erased everything she did and subsequently lost access again. Thus the inquiry as to why I’m permitted to have a device.

I find I’m having to help for technical assistance with increasing frequency. The other day I couldn’t turn on the tv, and then couldn’t get the stupid thingie to move to the station I wanted. And to think, I used to just turn the big dial on the TV or punch in the numbers on the cable box. This is why I don’t watch tv, it’s too many choices and it’s just frustrating. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I felt like I was getting my groove though. Figured out my new flat iron. How to conduct a zoom meeting and blur out my background (well, no actually someone had to show me). I’m voice texting my notes from sessions. Taking CEUs via digital platforms. A regular IT professional. Then, I went into Wawa.

How does this work?

I know how to use the multi drink dispenser to get my caffeine fix. But they put in a new one and I couldn’t figure out how to get to the soda selection screen. I mean come on! My 12 year old gently reached over and with the butterfly touch of her finger had the screen I recognize up and prepare myself for the gorgeous stream of fresh Diet Coke to spill into my cup. Only to be thwarted by another freaking button. Once again my gentle butterfly reaches over and saves me from the swirling panic. And then to the lids… those things are not user friendly. 5 lids and two straws later, I have my drink.

Why do thinks seem so different lately. Have I really been confined for so long? Did I miss a decade? I have tossed Waze to the side for too many misguided directions. Life360 has a mind of its own. The back button now apparently means exit. I’m just glad most of my tribe is almost a decade younger than me. They keep me at least looking like I know what I’m doing. Now to just get rid of these new facial lines.

While I may not operate my phone like an expert and I need assistance acquiring a soft drink, I am thankful to my people. Those that show up, step up, and shut up. While they recognize my quirks and troubles they are quick to swoop in to help and keep my sanity in check.

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