Walk-ing Machine?

Just another day in life of the house of (in)sanity. For someone who covets sleep, a 6am wake up is never a good idea for me. Especially not when I’m being advised that someone dreamt they were in the bathroom. So 6am showers with a sweet “go back to bed Mommy I got this”. As I drift back to sleep “Mommy” in a hushed scream… tossing back the covers I hustle to the bathroom trying to avoid my husband’s toe that I almost “pulled off” the other night when finding my way in the dark. My night vision has worsened with age and my feet and knees can no longer manage the bed corner… so I grope walk. Hence the almost detached toe. But I digress. I resolve the hushed scream and shuffle back to my side. Only to repeat the same experience three more times before a sopping wet child appears at my said and requests assistance in getting dry. I do what one can at this time, roll on my side, keeping my eyes closed and move the towel around the lumpy person in the dark. Who then jumps into new jammies and into my bed. Cause I draw the line at changing sheets in the middle of the night (6am is the middle of the night right?)

I blissfully sleep until it’s my real wake up time, the un-Godly hour of 8 something am. Already children are wrestling and dogs are hopping and boy I wish I drank coffee. The walk to the elementary school does a great job of waking me up.. because I also didn’t realize a hat and coat were warranted this morning! Only to make it a mile to receive a text from our 2nd grade teacher…

I say a small prayer of thanks for the option to have in-person learning and hustle home, late for a day of meetings. Do you know how uncomfortable small, in your ear canal, suction cup ear buds are? I can barely feel my head after all of that. I swear I pulled them out at the end of the day and there was a definite suction pop.

Oh yeah, the bed. Never good to have to wash all FIVE covers, mattress pad etc. Not sure how many times the machine advised it was unbalanced… I wanted to shake my fist and advise “I’ll give you unbalanced” lest I digress. So the kid who couldn’t keep it together for the pledge of allegiance gets to stay up while the dryer is on its 3 attempt to dry 1/3 of the bedding.

As we come up because this kid has to go to bed even if it means sleeping on the floor… I go to the laundry room and find the laundry room door blocked. Now, you may remember a few summers ago when I was blessed with my friends dream laundry room whilst we were housing in hotels. My laundry is a Fiat compared to her stretch SUV, but it works. Until it is blocked. By a washing machine. Yes, the entire machine bounced its way across the floor and tried to escape into the hallway. I guess it wants a sabbatical? Perhaps I disrupted prime sleeping time? Trying to move that sucker back in place… did you know the pan it sits on needs to line up just right with the tiny hole and the drain in the floor? Yeah, fun times.

As we make the bed with “warm snuggle sheets” we are thankful that at least some are clean and dry. And as we read “Timmy Failure” I am grateful that I was able to be home for all of this craziness today. Which also included some punishments, shots (needles not glass), mood swings, and muddy paws. I am happy to be the Mommy that is here for the good, the dripping, and the sassy. Because choosing to be happy some days is a conscious choice, but that’s what keeps our sanity.

Oh yeah and the blankets are still sopping wet… but clean!

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