Hole in My Shoe, Puppies are Awesome

How many times did I say to myself don’t forget Tuesday is picture day, don’t forget Tuesday is picture day, don’t forget Tuesday is picture day,. Guess what I forgot? Picture day. I don’t know how most people keep their lives organized when they are not in a pandemic, one would think there be some way to make it easier since we are less busy than before. But somehow I have managed to make things more difficult. So yesterday, my seven-year-old went to school wearing a shirt that says believe the hype that belong to his older brother who wore when when he was probably in the sixth grade. Mind you my child is in a second. At least we brushed his hair, and maybe his teeth?

It’s funny the things that seems so immensely important when you are a parent of one child versus when you are the parent of four. I also think time has a lot to do with things. My first child we had pictures taken at Sears every three months just in case we forgot what she looked like as a baby, or second may have gotten them to her three times. Then after that I think we forgot professional photographers existed. We still take pictures, but now that everything is digital it’s kind of hard to justify printing everything, and who has the wall space for worship wall? actually, I do have a worship wall. I don’t mind saying that I adore my children and I don’t mind them seeing pictures of them selves that I find exceptionally cute. Even it’s when they are six months old and grabbing a bite to eat from my fingertips.

But I swear kid for is truly truly sometimes getting the worst of things. There was a period of time when his pants were all too small, now he’s had the same pair of shoes for God only knows how long and there’s a hole starting in the bottom of them. Did I run out and get new ones? Nope. I honestly forgot about it until just now. I think my first had at least 5 pairs at this age. I don’t love or care for anyone any less I just can’t do it all, all the time, all the way. It can do it pretty well, most of the time, and eventually get there.

For someone who specializes in self defeating statements, I’ve done a fairly good job at not beating myself up over this guy. Perhaps because he wants for so little. He’s perfectly content wearing pants that fit him like a long speedo and sneakers that now look like crocks. Maybe there’s something to learn from him. Take life as it is. Appreciate those you have not what. Sleep with your dog and always get a bedtime story. Because as K4 always says “Puppies are Awesome and Mama I love you… more”. He keeps me grounded and helps me know what’s really important. To love someone more… that keeps my sanity.

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