Have You Lost it?

Have you lost your ever-loving mind? I want to take a powerful firehouse and douse people with it. Make them quiet their tempers. Make them shut their mouths. Make them stop in their movements. Just stop. Like the preschool teacher who can magically quiet a room full of rowdy toddlers with the mere quiet lift of three fingers. The respectful silence of plane passengers when a fallen soldier is returned home. Just stop.

Stop the talking. Stop the fighting. The finger pointing. The acting like something from Lord of the Flies. We are not lost boys in an isolated island. We are caring kind people, many of whom have become so incensed that they make choices that are so uncharacteristic that we can do nothing stop and stare.

I want to scream “what the hell are you doing”? What possible benefit can come from acting like a bunch of drunken college kids after a rival football game. Yet here we sit watching, aghast, angry, threatening friends for having differences in beliefs.

This has gone to far. It has gone beyond standing for what is right. It has become a muddled camouflage of bad people and poor choices and too much power and not enough respect. I cannot fathom how people can be so outrageously thoughtless and unkind. How they are blinded by fury and that there is no one to raise their fingers to silence the tantrums.

We used to call my mother the lieutenant growing up because she had nerves of steel and the patience of a marine. Not much made it past her. What we need now are those lieutenants who are able to calm the masses and steady their souls. Or perhaps the calming goat from “Ferdinand”. I’m ready to give a tongue lashing. Pull yourselves together and start acting like the civilized society that many of us choose to live in. Let us root out those bad spores that spread hatred like mold on the vegetables in the back of the refrigerator.

I stand for the side of the honest people. The caring people. The people that want peace and not hatred. Hatred untrained becomes a savage beast and grows like a dementor from a Harry Potter book. Hatred has never accomplished anything but the exposure of fear.

The actions of many do not represent the hearts of most. These destructive abusive ones who seem to derive joy from bringing fear and damage to others… they are not our people. They are not speaking for the ones whose voices must be heard. So again I ask, have you lost your ever loving mind? I want to scream sit the eff down (sorry Mom), and demand a time out. Where are you leaders of peace? Of none corrupt nonsense. Where are the truth detectors and soothers for the savage beasts?

Sit down. Be quiet. Open your ears, your eyes and for a moment shut your mouth and put your thumbs down. These masks to protect us have now become masks of coverage which seems to allow many to not think and instead behave like characters from Animal House that have then become weapons of mass destruction. They are destroying our sanity, our safety, and for many our friendships.

We are on the brink of insanity because we have no compass. No code to follow. Our dreams and desires have become trivialized by the fear and outrageous.

We are not stranded on an island. We are not tributes from Sector 12. We are not being chased by the nothing. So you fools who kill and destroy. Who desecrate and demoralize. Your plan is not helping. Sit down, shut up, have some kool-aid and let those who want to bring about peace truly be allowed to do so. Come to the table when you have something notable to share, otherwise back off you are ruining too many lives.

I don’t care of you believe in conspiracies. I don’t care if you don’t. I don’t care what side of the hexagon of mutated troubles you choose to stand on. What I do care about is you. And your heart. And your soul. And I want to find a way to bring the homeostasis to our heterogeneous state and move forward together. Stop being mean. Stop being deceitful. Stop making bad choices. It’s so much easier to be kind.

Don’t be a jerk. And for the love of all our sanity someone please take the reigns of this runaway stagecoach and get us moving back on track. Hate breeds hate. Iron sharpens iron. Love brings peace. We have to or we will soon loose our sanity.

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