Wicked Witch of Suburbia?

The last few months have taught my family a lot about rolling with the punches and keeping things going. The last few weeks for some reason have been more draining- physically and emotionally. Today I planned to put a more positive spin into the universe with hopes of scoring a few chocolate covered apple points. Not sure how I did.

I dressed for a day of Telehealth… translation comfy stretchy pants and a nicer top with a cardigan. I had planned yesterday on riding bikes with my son to school feeling the guilt of having my saint of a neighbor assume this role daily with our children. Something should have gone bing in my head as I searched for foot ware. I ended up with my newly demoted to grass cutting sneakers… with the loose stretchy pants, the sweater and a gift bag for a neighbor I hopped onto my husband’s bike thrilled to be able to reach the pedals with ease. I thought I was getting the hang of this 2inches+ too tall bike. Off I fly down the driveway after my son and his buddy my sweater fluttering behind me I feel like I hear the music from the Wizard of Oz where the mean ol’ Mrs Gulch woman is riding her bike trying to get home before the twister.

I careened down the bike path missing the sidewalk completely as the boys use the short cut down the hill through the grass. I end up wobbling in the middle of the road like some Charlie Chaplin skit. It’s then I feel my pant leg catch on the water bottle holder and the chain at the same time. Different legs, same time. Fortunately no one was on the road to witness my monstrosity of a coast to a stop at the neighborhood roundabout nemesis. Know for its inability to thwart the speedy drivers the boys and I take pause to wait our turn and release me from my tangles.

Thankfully we crossed without and screeching of breaks or collisions as we being the ride up the gradual incline… which soon becomes the equivalent to the steepness of a roller coaster. The police crossing guard is staring at my kid when I finally make it to the top. I cannot stop, I will loose some if I do. So, we fist bump as I wobble past and hear the officer say “ah Moms can take a while, that was nice of you to wait buddy”. I am at the point now that I’m grateful for my baseball cap to hide my face which is red. sweaty and embarrassed by my bike showing. With the breezy sweater and pant legs flowing as the grass falls from my shoes. I avoided eye contact at all costs with the numerous workers with trucks as I make way to drop off the small package. Only yo have someone slam on their horn and yell out the window “get off the road bitch”. Gee thanks. It’s then I realize the front tire is in desperate need of air and I feel like I have 10,000 miles until I’m home.

The big hill near our house got me at the end. I straddle walked to safety. Now needing a complete overhaul before starting work. And that darn Wizard of Oz song in my head for most of the day.

A day filled with having the wrong schedule, links, actual day of the week. My most upsetting to find that my coveted massage appointment is actually Friday, not tomorrow. Friday at the exact time I just asked my husband to schedule both dogs for their appointments so it would “be easier”. But that’s ok, I can get in on Nov 20th… never mind my hips are not in a straight line. Are they supposed to be? I feel like they are. However they are, they are not comfortable. But that’s ok. At least I haven’t dropped a ball, yet.

It’s this state of juggling knives and sticks of fire that has me longing for the much coveted empty space on the calendar. But, as far as I can see … there’s none coming anytime soon. So rather than succumb to my cold pillow, I shall yoga stretch my hips, pump up the tires, and try again tomorrow. We got to. That’s what keeps our sanity.

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