Tired of Flat Tires, Who Has The Flag?

This week, we have two cars each with a flat tire. Just two weeks ago we had another car with a flat tire. Not all the same vehicle, not the same location, or issue… other than being flat like a pancake. That’s three in three weeks, it’s like some sort of race car drivers big day on the track… but it’s just us.

I also started a private practice seeing people online in the evenings and weekends and since I wasn’t quite busy enough have also taking special orders for homemade shirts and other items. All while still working my full time job and praying that there are no major illnesses or catastrophic events that send our precariously balanced lives flying out into the ozone. Do we even still have an ozone?

I steam cleaned my family room area rug and the chairs too. Unfortunately none of the rest of the house is up to par. I had some great photos framed and some art made… still in boxes. Oh and I’m making shirts for sand soccer. Did I mention our youngest is playing flag football? And soccer? Oh and I have another women’s soccer team.

What am I doing! Say no my friend says. So I do. And yet I end up being the company state lead for a major fundraiser instead. This week coming up is spring break. We have friends going to Disney, to the Grand Canyon, camping, the beach… I was just thinking about cleaning the house; no? I’m sorry but this pandemic isolation has thrown me off my A game. How about a last minute trip to… beats me. #fail

But today as I sat on the sidelines of flag football practice, trying to finish out my working day, wearing my heated jacket… my laptop died. After a moment of panic I realized there was nothing I could do. So I used my partially thawed hands to video the “plays” time. My son was on defense. I hear “Omaha” and wait for the snap as the kids scurry around. The ball flies through the air and is caught and all these yellow pineys chase the red flag tails of the catcher kid. (I’m sure there is a name for this position and said child but I know neither). I watch as my blue hooded yellow piney wearing son grabs the flag and then ends up at the bottom of a pile up. Moments later he stands up like Charlie Brown after a run in with Lucy but he’s still holding the flag. I didn’t miss it… and I got it on film.

Would I love to escape to our beach house? Sure! Our condo in the mountains? Sure! Our whatever wherever? Sure! But right now, we have this. These moments. These memories. These crazy times. And one day in the not to distant future we will look back and say “Thank goodness we bought the extended coverage on that vehicle” and boy those times were insane. But those memories will be what keeps our sanity. It’s not how much you have but what you do with what you’ve got. I got it on film today.

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