Sometimes the fear of the possibility can really get to you. It can cause heart palpitations. Racing thoughts. Unrealistic fears. Today I was scared. It started as a normal Saturday… me trying to sleep as long as humanly possible. Breakfast. Followed by a quick nap. It’s really quite the struggle for me to be productive on a Saturday. Then Bang! It hit me, today was coed soccer game day.

I texted my friend as my fears escalated if we were to play the team I thought we were playing… well it was bad thoughts. And sure enough.

I was desperate. I mean obviously I’m no star player, but to know I’ve done nothing all day to prepare for this potential onslaught. I was left with no choice, I was going to have to get an energy drink.

Now for anyone who knows me well, including myself, the thought of me and and energy drink brings great pause. Or perhaps several pauses. I once had a 1/2 of a 5 hour energy and shook so badly hours afterwards I couldn’t drive. But I was going to tempt fate, go with natural, and drink what my bubbly coworkers get. I texted my friend “I’m having an energy drink. Just know if I die, I love you”. I was joking… mostly. Who knows what I was about to do to myself. But the need to be a team player surpassed any focus on personal health.

I settled on the Arctic Grape. It tasted like candy, which I’m sure is a sign it was not this natural drink I was pretending it was. Thankfully, I only drank half. I brought it to the sideline just in case I started going all Tasmanian Devil so my friends would know what to tell the medics. it didn’t do much for my game. I still got winded. I still tripped a guy. I still accidentally linked arms with someone… not sure how that one happened. But, I did talk… Nonstop. For almost three hours. Non. Stop.

Now I’m usually a talker anyway. But this was like a super processing of works jittering out of my mouth. Whether I was running or gasping for air. Kicking or gasping for air. I’m surprised someone didn’t ask me to leave. Maybe they did and I missed it because I was talking?

Life lesson. Do not drink these beverages. Be thankful for the teammates who didn’t deck me. And be grateful something medical didn’t happen. While I would love to be some excellent super soccer player. I must remember to keep my sanity and stay away from anything with Bang on the packaging.

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