Prisms of thoughts

Perhaps it is the times when our minds are most restless that we must seize the opportunity to speak. There is something cathartic about spilling your thoughts and dousing every drop onto the pages of paper. So often we are told to hush our thoughts to keep them to ourselves. Fears they may burden others or cast doubts upon our own sanity perhaps? In all my life I have never known the encapsulation of ones thoughts to be ultimately beneficial to the one who holds them hostage.

It is always easier to have a friend who has never a worry, never a concern. But how honest is this friend? How trusting are they? I would argue that true friendships explore the dark recesses of our minds and help to ease out those thorns and burs that stab into our souls.

I am the funny friend. Until I am not. I am the peacemaker until I cannot settle myself in peace. It is then that the depths of my humor are replaced by the depths of my thoughts and feelings. And for one who is a prism of energy, there is never a dull moment. I suppose it is this bright light that shines that can be a deterrent for those who fear their innermost thoughts. As though I may pierce through them and allow a slow drain of control to begin to seep.

Control does not equate to silence. Control does not equate to reverence. Control does not equate to the vise that squeezes so tightly on your insides that you can no longer will yourself to eat, or find joy, or rest.

In the last 200 and some days many people have retreated to their homes, their families, and their minds. This prescribed isolation is not a recipe for a successful inoculation of anything other than happiness, joy, and living. Because to whom can you spill now? Those people who could tell just by a glance that everything is not copacetic are no longer physically there. We are replacing human with digital which looses the ability to pry out those thorns and weed roots that wind their way within our thoughts and feelings.

We need to be prisms of light for each other. To create the space for the unburdening of our minds. We are not as alone as we feel, we are only alone in space. I encourage everyone to sieve out the burdens that are weighing you down. That are making a recluse. That call to mine second and third pauses before reaching out. Let some light shine thru. For if we don’t we will be alone in our thoughts and fears and that only serves as breeding ground for more.

Trust yourself. Trust your former judgment of friends. Keep sanity and take care of you and yours. Because we are all we have.

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