What the actual…

Omg! Too many emails! All this social distancing has created a exponential plethora of emails. Overwhelming doesn’t even begin to describe. Couple that with a broken laptop and the default requirement is my new iPhone11. So now I think I have carpal thumb tunnel syndrome.

So our county is slowly allowing students to return to public schools on a hybrid virtual in person concoction. And the sheer amount of communication that has come out is madness… and I’ve learned so very little. Maybe it’s my small screen, my damaged thumbs, my overwhelmedness. But I have no idea what is going on.

Do they lug all their supplies to and from school on Monday? Do they bring their chromebook? Does my kid even know how to get to his teacher? Who is new by the way because they switched everyone around again. What do I send besides a mask? Does he have to put it on in between bites? Can he wear open toed shoes? Do spaghetti straps matter? Is there a dress code?

I’m already overheating. What about transportation? How early? How late? Does he need 47 sharpened pencils and 22 bottles of glue? The questions that swill in my head make me wish for the Dumbledore forgetting spell. At least for the moment.

In my efforts to ensure my kids lives have not been aversely affected by this pandemic, I have attempted to be as openly positive as possible. Sure it stinks but hey here’s a good thing… But quite frankly, this pandemic can just bite me.

My kids are returning to school because I believe the benefits of the educational setting far outweigh the small desk in our hallway and the cries for “Mom” throughout the day. They need to see their friends. If nothing else, this pandemic has reassured the need for social interaction for most of society. We pull from each other’s energy. From each other’s mo-jo.

I pray everyone will remain well, knowing fully that it’s likely someone will get sick. But we cannot live a life of what if’s and possiblys. No one in our home is high risk. No one has a condition that would make this virus life threatening. So, I put my faith in our higher powers hands. We will not be held prisoner by germs.

But the what if’s always sneak up on me. If given the chance my anxiety could take me into another dimension. But worrying about what may be prevents us from experiencing what is. Worry will snake into you and take over your every thought if it’s given the chance.

So, we will go to school on Monday, and make the best of the lives we are living. We will probably miss something or forget it… but this is 2020, when doesn’t that happen? What’s most important is finding our center and keeping our sanity. Otherwise, all is lost.

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